Muse News from Juli Ryan

Sharing some of their personal muse relationship this week is Juli Ryan.
When you’ve seen some of her work you’ll instantly recognise her colourful expressive style. Be sure to click the links to visit her website and follow her on the social network of your choosing…
Without further ado, here are here answers to the two muse questions –

1) My inspiration was my own childhood and my daughter’s.  My mother had mental illness and so does my daughter.
For many, the journey of childhood can end abruptly because of a tragedy or other life-altering experience. 
We find ourselves being more like grown-ups. This painting is dedicated to those of us who’ve had that experience. For as it is sad, it also makes us who we are today. It can give us strength, kindness and resilience as we carve out who we are as adults.

2) What do I do when i have a creative block?  I like to browse art on the internet.  Nothing inspires me more than seeing great works of art!

Here’s a little bit more information about Juli, in her words and taken from her website

“During my junior year I got married and had a daughter.  I put my life on hold so I could enjoy those first years with her.  Then I discovered something I would never have guessed…I wanted to continue to be a stay-at-home mom.  Never saw it coming!  I had two more children, sons, and my family was complete.  I loved being a mom.  And still do!  But my kids grew up and didn’t need me all the time anymore.   I had to find my own life again….so I started to paint and I was  hooked!   After several years of painting and selling on Ebay, my dream came true.   My art is in galleries!  Gallery 405 in Springfield, MO is the first.  I am now showing my art in the Art OnThe Levee Gallery In Newport Kentucky, too.”

Juli also has an art blog – click here!

Thanks for sharing Juli, I know other people will find this as interesting as I do. Good luck with everything, may your muse always be with you.


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