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Patricia Allingham Carlson Artwork
The Lady and the Luna Moth. It was done with watercolor and rice paper collage. “The lady gazes through the tower window to the sea; as magic builds in the air around her, a luna moth arrives on the wind.”

Pat’s response –
1. The inspiration for this piece was the suggested image of a woman’s face, specifically the right eye, which appeared in the randomly created collage surface. The eye had depth and beauty, and demanded a face to go with it. I drew in the face, painted it and disliked it. It was put aside for months, then I brought it out and added more color. Immediately it looked better, and felt like a princess in a tower. As a lover of fantasy and fairy tales, I painted in jewels, and swirls added magic to her transformation.  I decided on a luna moth, a favorite of mine,  for her companion.
2. When I have run into a wall with a painting, I sometimes cover the mess with rice paper and new paint. I apply it randomly and look to the muse to give me some luck!
When it is dry I turn it in four directions and squint at the work, gaze at it across the room occasionally, and wait for an image to suggest itself.
Some of my paintings have three or more layers as I keep covering till I “see” an image to work with.  
I am fortunate in this way; it usually does happen, and when it does I grab a pencil or bit of white conte crayon and sketch in the image. The closer I stay to the suggested shapes, the better the painting turns out. I imagine that is my muses way of telling me to listen to her!  

Pat documented the whoie creative process of this piece in an album 

Patricia has pursued a lifelong in art.She is a graduate with high distinction from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. While showing her work in juried shows in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Patricia has also been involved in teaching adults and children in her home studio since 1980. Her work is primarily done with
watercolor, collage, and mixed media. Her interests in nature and its spirit are a strong influence in her work. 
Many thanks for taking the time to share with us Pat, i appreciate it.


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