Week 28 – Selfie plus news and a call for help.

Another selfie…apps used – Etchings, Glaze, HDR fix, Pixlr Express.

  • Mad mimi blog digests…Mad mimi the Newsletter service now offer the opportunity to send out Newsletters using your RSS feed. I clicked the wrong button…and sent a digest out BEFORE warning my subscribers about the coming changes. Humble apologies. There will be newsletter shortly explaining things. Thanks for your patience.

Art keeps me sane and offers a great deal of comfort. I’ve pondered for a while how to pay that knowledge forward and, perhaps, finally have a cunning plan. I’ve created a Facebook community page;

and a group blog. I want to share ideas for developing creativity in everyday life, by posting activity ideas, helpful website reviews and links, book recommendations etc etc. Get the idea?


I also realise that I can’t do this all by myself.


My hope is that there will be a core of regular contributors to the blog, guest posters, and folks willing to share ideas and links on the Facebook page. I already have a few awesome peeps helping me with this, (thanks oodles oh awesome ones 🙂 If you’d like to be involved in this new journey, either leave a comment below or email me to let me know. If you don’t feel able to join in with the blog, please consider liking the Facebook page and sharing there occasionally.

Thank you.

  • Humble apologies to Michael Nobbs for still not having posted his great interview here yet.
  • Comic relief – my Etsy attempt raised £10. Massive thanks to Liz S.
  • Like the Facebook page by clicking here. Please help us by sharing the page too, thank you.
  • Click here and Visit the creativity blog and let me know if you’d like to do a guest post or even be a regular contributor. I need your help…





  1. Sounds great! Let me know if I can help

    • Thank you 🙂
      any time you think of something you want to add/think will fit, either mail it to me as a guest post or I can add you as a contributor to the site so you can blog it there yourself. Up to you…?

  2. love the selfie! beautiful 🙂

    • Really? I wasn’t sure…feeling…like I’ve lost my mojo. Thanks for the confidence boost lovely lady 🙂

  3. Love the blue tree, but then I would 🙂

    • 🙂 Thanks bLU – it was autumnal the first time round, but i prefer it blue too 😉

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