NHS #epicfail continues…

They moved my aunt to the intermediate unit (rehab) on 25/9/14

When she arrived she was seen by a Physio who gave her exercises she couldn’t manage and was told by a nurse that she had to stop thinking of herself as being ill because she wasn’t anymore.

She was told off by nurses for not doing the Physio exercises properly (yeah that inspection that judged the ward to be failing said the problem was management bullying seems some staff have been negatively influenced as a result…) until a doctor saw/examined her and asked why she was being expected to do those exercises when she was too ill for them.

So they moved her to a different bay, in the same ward.

Mums been too weak due to the diabetes medication to visit until yesterday but we’ve been getting more and more worried because my aunt was getting more confused and tearful again. Other members of my family who visited raised their concerns with staff, but to no avail.

When mum went in, firstly she noticed that there was blood on the back of the dressings on my aunt’s legs. (The dressings are supposed to be changed when they become soiled. The soiling isn’t usually blood.)

Also, my aunt’s stomach is so swollen she’s virtually unable to get up from a sitting position. Mum queried this and asked if my aunt was being given her water tablets regularly…

…only to discover that they stopped the two medications that do this when she went into hospital on the SECOND OF SEPTEMBER! So she’s not had ANY since then. 

Question mark sticker

Now I understand that this was probably due to the fact that, as far as I’m aware, at least one of those medications puts strain on the liver and hers was failing, as were her kidneys at one point. But this should have been a short term measure that was addressed before too much time had passed. Either to put her back on the meds that are known to be effective for her once her liver and kidney function returned to normal, or to prescribe an alternative.

Instead there was a doctor, who frankly sounded like he was out if his depth, telling her to stop drinking, due to test results. To the extent that when he next requested a water sample her urine was BROWN…then she was told she needed to drink more. This pattern was repeated iirc…sheesh.

Anyways the result of Mum being insistent last night was that the ward sister rang her later on to say she was concerned too and had asked the out of hours GP to come in to examine her. When he’d seen her he declared her too ill to be on that ward and she’s been moved to an assessment ward to be…assessed.

If you’re reading this and you’re;

a) healthy,

b) don’t live in the UK

I do hope you’re feeling lucky!

Edit: Just had a text, they’re sending her back to the critical care unit…and putting her back onto her usual water tablets.

When there’s a bed available. *sigh* I’m convinced that’s at the core of why she was moved too soon. 

So what does this tell us boys and girls? Not enough beds, not enough staff, poorly trained staff. One word: funding.

Gratitude reminder

Struggling with this a little bit at the moment

 Edit two: It took until Monday, but she’s now back on Ward 11 in the critical care unit. Most of the staff there were wonderful, especially Alison, to whom we owe a great debt. So glad that the hospital twitter account noticed my gratitude πŸ™‚ And so nice to be able to have something positive to say.



  1. πŸ™ .. love and good energy to you.. your aunt and your mum …….

  2. Elaine Sheldrake

    Oh bless her, I do hope backsides are being well and truly kicked for the way she has been… well I was going to say TREATED… but that is hardly the correct word under the circumstances. I think the hospital, management and medical staff should all be put under investigation. This should not be happening. An Open Letter to the local and National Press would be my first step now. Gentle hugs to Haze, Dot and to you too xxx

    • Thanks so much Elaine <3
      It's truly hard to know where to begin...if I wasn't so tired I'm sure I'd be thinking more clearly. Of course, this is part of the problem isn't it? Patients and family are so vulnerable and we're at their mercy, then afterwards you often just want to forget because making a fuss takes so long and uses so much energy. Plus, it all just feels like an insurmountable problem πŸ™
      Hoping that all the positive energy from friends will help guide me... xox

  3. Elaine Sheldrake

    Do hope there has been some improvement in her care by now and that she has started to turn the corner. Feel so helpless stuck down here in Devon, just wish I was back home again so that I could rattle some cages. Please give her a very gentle hugs or three from us and tell her we will be moving back asap in 2015 xxxx

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