Share your #nhs stories and sign a petition about funding

I started a blog for sharing stories about District Nurse ‘care’ and anything similar that highlights the impact that poor funding and organisation has upon medical treatment,

At the moment there’s not much there, but there is a link to a petition calling for more DN funding, so I’d be grateful if you could sign it. Thank you. 

Regarding my aunt, (thanks to all who continue to send their best wishes and support, it’s much appreciated, I’m sorry for not being around online much, if at all.) things are not looking good. 

Since she returned to Ward 11, after Mum raising her concerns and an out of hours GP being called, her condition has continued to deteriorate. There were a number of samples taken yesterday and an xray done and Mum is waiting to hear from the consultant’s secretary with an appointment to meet him. Thankfully my cousins Dave and Linda continue to be a tower of support and strength to Mum, and Linda will hopefully go to meet the consultant with her. They suspect that the fluid retention is being caused by a problem with her liver and kidneys, but don’t really know…but my aunt is very ill and not really aware of much at all any more. Mum managed to reach her on Saturday, but felt she was losing her by Sunday… The confusion has been aggravated by a faulty hearing aid, but of course the nhs being in the state it is, as far as I know they’ve been unable to sort this out. I suspect though, this is the very least of the concerns. 

I’m finding it hard to stay positive and fear the worst now…

The next post will be my letter to the hospital complaints department. 



  1. Sand, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about this sad turn of events. I can only send you love and positive vibes across the pond. <3

  2. Kathleen

    Sending prayers on wings of love to you and mum and Hazel xoxox kath.

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