One of the many things that make fibro so confusing

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I’m like the princess and the pea…if clothing has a printed pattern on it I often can’t wear it because it will hurt my skin too much. Seams, tags, labels – all potential causes of pain.

Needless to say, it’s taken me a long time to get my bed and bedding to the point where it’s comfortable enough to sleep in.

For example – a seam on a nightie can cause excruciating pain. Pain out of all proportion to the size of the stimuli.

So how is it that I managed to sleep laying on my iPad stylus? Yes you read that right. I couldn’t feel it. At all. All night.

The way I reason it is this – the neuro and pain meds that I take block pain messages, but seeing as the messages they’re blocking are bogus to begin with, it’s not entirely surprising that sometimes they interfere with legitimate messages. I mean the neuro medication is for epilepsy, they discovered it’s pain killing effects totally accident, and we’re still pretty much reliant on opiates to kill pain because we still don’t fully understand it. (I say we, of course I mean science boffins who specialise in pain research.)

So here I am, either in agony from slightly less than smooth material or I see blood and have no idea where it’s come from because I have no idea that I’ve hurt myself. Interesting life isn’t it?


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