My welsh retreat…

Here are a couple of photos taken on the site where my static caravan ‘lives’ to give you an idea of where I was during June and October this year. All it needs to make it perfect is a housekeeper…and a chauffeur.



    • Thanks Alison it is 🙂
      Quiet and relaxing but only 15min drive from civilisation. Just wish I could get there more often – or live there. Gosh that would be wonderful!

  1. Oh wow! You have a caravan in such a beautiful place? You should totally do a mini retreat *cough hint cough* 🙂 Or yes, just move there with mom, some chickens and a cat!

    • 🙂 Yep, its a little piece of heaven. I bought it when I was still working. ‘Only’ an hours drive away, but much of the time these days thats too much for me. At least I managed to get over there for almost the whole of June and three weeks in october this year, just enough that i can (just about) justify the expense for another year… Poor mum hasn’t been well enough to get there for two years 🙁
      You’re right, it would be heavenly for us to move there for the season! (April to October) Not sure they’d let us keep chickens…and a cats a no go coz we’re (of course) both allergic to animals 🙁 Its a cunning plan that I hope we can put into action one day 😉
      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment <3

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