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Review_sticker.JPGI’ve been trying some new things recently, I’m tentatively hoping that this is a good sign: me taking a bit more notice of things rather than just wanting to withdraw from life. I’m also aware that we tend to find it easier (or more cathartic) to complain rather than praise…as evidenced by my review of ‘Slapiton’. Though to be fair to myself, I wrote that to give readers a laugh. So, I’m going to try and do some reviews here of the things I’ve found that I really like, from food to skin care to online retailers.* I stumbled across a post on the facebook page of Peppersmith UK last week, they’d just started an Instagram account and wanted folks to share photos of their products.

This reminded me how much I like their packaging design and the quirky nature of their approach to marketing et al, and how much I like their mints and gum. I’ve searched for YEARS to find a chewing gum that has something other than nasty artificial sweetener in it, and as far as I know Peppersmith are the only people making any. They use xylitol which comes from beech trees and not only is it natural it’s also tooth kind. (The dental association endorse it.)

peppersmith sugar info This is a screenshot from their website…I know the UK trail behind other countries with regard to a healthy diet, but these are scary statistics. Explains why we find it so hard to have a healthy diet when so much of what’s available in the shops is full of unnecessary rubbish. I already know some of this from having to read ingredients so carefully, but I wish I didn’t have to. Shape up UK food producers…PLEASE. Peppersmith gum and mints (and Tingz) are healthy, made from natural substances, taste good and are kind to your teeth. The gum stays soft after the first flavour hit, unlike many others that go horrible and hard. There are three flavours of mints and three of gum, and they use UK grown peppermint. So…here’s the photo I posted to my IG account. danbo figure and peppersmith gum   As a result of me sharing this, they sent me a gift… peppersmith gift box There’s a box of peppermint mints missing…coz I’d already started eating them. peppersmith packaging See what I mean about their packaging design? The gum comes with a little set of papers for you to put your used chewing gum into. Each one has a fact on it and there’s one for every piece of gum. (You can see part of one in my Danbo photo.) I know they sent me a gift in return for my IG photo, but this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m writing this because I love their stuff and am grateful to have found sweets that don’t use unhealthy artificial sweeteners.** peppersmith camp dogs Another screen grab from their website, can you guess which bit of this made me laugh?

*Well that’s the plan, as with everything I do, don’t expect any regularity…then you have the chance to be pleasantly surprised.

** Mum got another handout and bunch of leaflets from the diabetes clinic yesterday, they still actually RECOMMEND using saccharine and aspartame instead of sugar! NHS: best health care in the world…not. (If you’ve had great experiences with our health care system, I’m delighted for you. Apart from having a great GP, I haven’t. Nor have my family.) peppersmith toy teeth card



  1. <3 Nice post, nice return-love from Peppersmith 🙂 Yes, their packaging design is really cool – I'm noticing a lot of packaging getting spruced up these days – love it 😀 There's some art-like stuff on the shelves 🙂 So good to see you so much out on the Web – love what you've got to say & share! Hug!

    • Thanks sweet lady, your stopping by here is MUCH appreciated. Sorry for my delay…
      Yes I agree, we seem to be slowly inching back to better packaging design 🙂

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