Positive thinking quotes and an easy way to make fridge magnets.

 instax prints as fridge magnets I recently made some fridge magnets out of mini instant photos.  fridge magnet idea

 I decorated the edges with washi tape and stuck a small strip of magnetic tape to the back.

Here’s one of the images before printing;

Slow progress quote

This is something that I’m pretty much repeating like a kind of mantra at the moment…the curse of the chronically ill! 

The next quote I chose is as vital to remember as the title of that book “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.”

Positive thinking quote

I didn’t have any washi tape that would go with this one, so left it as it is, just putting magnetic tape near the top on the back.

keep calm style fridge magnet 
I found some cute little ready made frames on eBay, made out of Kraft paper, which have just arrived. I think I’ll take the tape off this and slip it into one of them. The frame will no doubt work best with magnetic tape at the top and bottom. (I’ll take a photo and update this when its done.)

As usual, both images were created on my iPhone…how did I live without my iPhone? It’s pretty much my go-to tool for almost everything these days…a life saver. I used the ‘Keep Calm‘ app and the ‘Stationery‘ app. 

I printed them straight from my phone to my utterly awesome cute little Fuji Instax printer. Did I ever do a review of that? Must check…if not I’ll write one, because it’s great. 

For other ideas about how to display instant prints, have a look at my Pinterest board. 



  1. Oh my, they are uber sweet! <3

  2. adorbs! great idea πŸ™‚

    • Thanks sweetie <3
      They look quite effective and Mum was pleased. Makes a nice personal little gift. Any requests?? πŸ™‚

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