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I decided Saturday morning that I would try and STOP wrestling with this site for the weekend. I feel like I’m spending hours tinkering away behind the scenes and getting nowhere fast. It’s not even approaching how I want it to be yet and right now getting it to that point feels almost unreachable.
So I decided to try and catch up on some reading.

creative courage logoI’ve done a couple of eCourses this year. Well, one of them I’m only half way through,

(this one, badge to the left, which is fab. Stephanie has heaps of teaching and learning experience, is a natural teacher and has shared heaps of useful info so far. If you see a course being delivered by her – go for it.)

As I’ve been reading ecourse stuff and surfing around related blogs etc I’ve kept ending up at references to Brené Brown. Then yesterday one of my best friends received a wonderful compliment via twitter linking her artwork to this TED talk by Brené. Please watch it – if you’re anything like me it’ll be like a light bulb going on. If the video doesn’t embed, click here to watch it.

Some weeks ago I made and wrote this. Then today, before I watched the TED talk I listened to all of this week’s micro podcasts from Michael Nobbs (I can’t share them here because you have to be a member of sustainably creative to receive them. If you’re interested I urge you to join sooner rather than later because I think his prices are about to jump up.)

Listening to them all in one batch filled my mushy Fibro brain with lots of thoughts and I made this podcast as a way to share those thoughts with other members because my hands aren’t up to typing that much.

Here’s my SandCast (a friend’s name for them) Click to listen

 Again, I’ve not uploaded an audio file to this blog before so…I hope it plays.

Then I watched Brené.
Fascinating how things in life occasionally dovetail isn’t it?

screen shot

Screen shot from Brene Brown TED talk

That first slide from the video resonated in a way I’m sure she didn’t intend.
You don’t have to have something measurable to demonstrate what you did with your time/tiny step.

  • If you did your best today, then that’s good enough. You are enough…

So my aim from now on is;

  • to end my day reflecting on and listing what I’ve achieved that day – both physically and mentally.
  • to print and frame my ’I am enough’ image and look at it and believe it every day.
  • to monitor my self talk for negative habits and try to change them into positive feelings and goals.

The Zen Habits post I mention in the podcast is here (and his name is Leo Babauta.)
Milo McLaughlin’s site is here.
Brené Brown’s site is here.
Michael Nobbs can be found here.
And Stephanie Levy is here.

I do hope that some of this is as helpful to you as it feels like it is to me, and also that your (our) learning pathway can be a smooth one…
Take care



  1. Love the podcast. Has got me wondering whether to do a review at end of the day on what I’ve done. As I understand it, one of the common personality traits of people with fibromyalgia is high expectations/perfectionism. I know this is one of my issues. I am also trying to get away from being focused on doing as achievement, especially given that lots of doing often ends up leaving me unhappy just as very little doing does! My therapist has suggested I start listening to my body rather than my mind 🙂 At the moment my body is telling me I am v v tired. My mind knows we need to go for a dog walk and try to finish a client project, which is nearly done. Really, all I want to do is lie on the sofa, so I think, compromise is in order. Do those things, feed myself, and lots of rest. Oh and I do need to tidy the kitchen….aargh, it just isn’t easy 😉

    Oh yes, and doing your own wordpress blog is great but I also find it does suck the life out of me sometimes….

    • Yeah, I’m kind of feeling the life being sucked out of me at the moment…
      I know exactly what you mean re the perfectionist personality and the brain and body disagreeing on what ‘we’ can do…i can do so little these days i seem to be in a constant state of frustration and dissatisfaction. I hate it! The fatigue is much harder to deal with than the pain…and i cant multitask any more either, the list goes on! Heh – i feel like a grizzly toddler 😉 Maybe if I go ‘waaaaaaaaaah!’ Out loud every now and again?! lol
      Yes – you’re right. Listen to the body and figure out how to make compromises…I hope you can figure it out. Good luck.
      And thanks for commenting here and at SC – you rock! 🙂

  2. thanks for a very interesting post, enjoyed your podcast as well. what you say feels very familiar to me. I’ve been struggling for last 10 years with fibro and the ‘I’m useless’ feeling that always comes over me on sick days and even on good days. it takes an effort every day to remind myself that things I do are worthwhile, even if it’s just making dinner for my partner.
    One of my the best ways out of this is drawing,which I used to do for a living ,crafts or DIY. Making things seems to tame the dark thoughts 😉

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, creating on my iGadgets is all thats keeping me sane I think…this damn invisible disease is so hard to figure out how to cope with…i feel constantly at odds with pretty much everything and often feel useless too. You’re right we really do need to acknowledge what we have done – rather than what we didn’t.
      Sending gentle healing (((hugs))) out to you and our fellow spoonies.

  3. A sustainably creative member here – hi! I enjoyed listening to your podcast though I am finding it difficult to focus as you mention so many good thoughts. On the subject of having something tangible to prove you’ve used your energy productive is something I very much struggle with. Most days, general self-care takes so much out of me that I’m not able to do much else and so it feels like I wasted my energy (especially as in a few days I need to do it again). But I have to remember that doing anything is an achievement, and that it should be noted so am definitely going to try and focus on this more. Like you, I finding pacing really difficult to actually do, again something that I am working on but hopefully overall my health will get better if I stick to it (and that’s the motivation I use). Now it’s me that’s rambling, so I’ll end it here.

    By the way, don’t compare what you can do with what others can do. I can only go out about once a week for an hour or so, so anything more than that (eg. being able to cook my dinner the next day) is a big deal for me, but others wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Measure your success by your own strengths and weaknesses, not someone else’s.

    • So good to hear from somebody thats as low on energy as i am 🙂 if you see what i mean?! Not happy that you are, just good to be understood.
      Ive left the house three times since christmas…and yes, I can only manage one thing a day too – and often thats a self care thing….which will only need doing again. Seems hard to believe i could shower and wash my hair before a day at work. Now I cant do both things in one day, let alone do something else as well. Unbelievable. Perhaps thats at the root of the frustration. I find it hard to believe and I’ve lived it for almost six years, no wonder other people cant really understand…its hard not compare the present me with the past one. But thanks for the reminder – I need to figure a way to stop comparing myself to anyone else, even myself 😉
      Good luck with it all, and thanks heaps for stopping by and feeding back. I appreciate it 🙂

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