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amazing year workbook image 2014Leonie Dawson’s workbooks for Life or Biz for 2014 are ready to download. The bundle of workbook & calendar is a popular & useful tool to help you plan out & make happen the year ahead in life or business (or both).

Over the last five years, thousands of women (including me) have used this workbook with great results. It’s one of the best planning tools available to help you make the year ahead your most fulfilling yet.

Last year I did it in a rather half hearted way due to how poorly I was (they take a lot of focused thought and effort to do properly.) and because I only stumbled across them in late February. This month, December, I plan to have a retreat week after Christmas when I give it my full attention…because even my lack lustre effort earlier in the year reaped rewards.

The “workbooks are filled with dozens of pages of thought provoking worksheets & a printable calendar to help you create your most focused and positive year yet.”

Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, I have to say that I was glad that I took the chance and bought the 2013 version. I figured as it was less than $10 it was worth taking a chance on it to see if all the glowing reviews were right.

I’ve done a lot of workbooks similar to this over the years and they all distill and/or try to reinvent similar useful reflective activities with varying degrees of success. This is a great combination of cheerful design and mix of approaches to the work of reflecting upon the past year and making reasoned and qualitative decisions regarding your goals and areas of focus for the year ahead.

Of course you can do it at any time of the year, but December/January often prove to be the most effective times to do this kind of work.
The calendar is a great addition to the workbook and is a useful (and pretty) planning tool often left out from other workbooks.
Oh and they both look cute and uplifting too, which is always an added bonus, (or at least it is to me.)

Here’s a snapshot of some of the pages in the workbook.

amazing year planner worksheets

I went ahead the other month and used my prize money to join Leonie’s academy, so I’m able to download these goodies, and all her other courses and resources, for free.
Not that I’ve made full use of the academy yet…there’s a lot to absorb there and alas life has been too eventful for me.
Plus I’ve been doing Brené Brown’s excellent course based on her book ‘The gifts of imperfection.’ (Deep life changing stuff.)
And Stephanie Levy’s collage course.
And an excellent video course about securing your WordPress blog (more about that in another post.)

On top of all this an Indiegogo project I supported also finally launched recently (eek! Why do all these things come at once?!) which is called ‘The working artist.’ More on that will follow too…when I’ve managed to log on to it.
Too many commitments on top of my own poor health and the fact that my Mum’s really ill too. I’m an information addict, (and probably totally overdoing the distraction strategy thing…) Yeah, I need to do the workbook properly and plan for my very limited energy better.

2014 workbook pages and worksheets

…for the sake of full disclosure, yes these Workbook links are affiliate links, but I hope you know that I only recommend things that I think are worth sharing.
My web hosting needs paying for this month and it would be super smashingly awesome if you used one of the above image links to purchase the workbook. It’ll help me to build up the Nourish Creativity site into the inspiring resource I’m dreaming it can one day be.
Thank you.

•Brené’s awesome course can be found here.

•Further info on Stephanie’s currently available courses is here.There’s also a link on that page to her free 2014 calendar.

•A free much plainer and shorter alternative to Leonie’s workbook has been available to download from Susannah Conway in previous years. Her planner can be found here. Looking for the link it looks like Susannah’s added some more content this year, so if you want a quicker (and free) way to reflect and plan this is definitely worth downloading.

•You’ll need a deck of oracle cards to complete both these workbooks. I adore these. They’ve really helped me this year and practice has made them reassuringly (and surprisingly) accurate.
Even if you don’t believe in them as a way of developing your intuition and helping you to listen to yourself, these are great to choose at random to give you something very valid to focus on each day.

(None of the other links in this post are affiliate links, just Leonie’s workbook.)


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