Review: #Sticky9 Instagram printing service. Plus 15% discount code

Review_sticker.JPGI go through phases on photo sharing site Instagram, sometimes I use it a lot, sometimes there can be months in between visits…well that pretty much describes most of my habits these days, everything varies. A lot. However I use it though, the app is very user friendly and it’s a great way to keep up with the life/art of people you like.

Earlier this week I came across this site,

Sticky 9 logo

They make fridge magnets from your Instagram photos, or any photos as this screenshot shows,

Sticky9 screenshot

They make other stuff too, a cute frame that holds 9 magnets so that you can swap and change the display, square prints…

Sticky 9 products 

Sticky 9 other products

Prices include worldwide shipping, (love it when places do that) so I decided to try their photo cards. I usually get my cards printed at Moo, but the idea of cute square cards appealed to me. Sadly the page I used to choose the card option didn’t show this photo,

Sticky 9 greeting cards

…if it had, I’d have realised that the cards were actually quite big. My fault for not looking through the whole site first etc.

The main problem wasn’t my fault though. More on that in a moment.

One of my favourite apps is ‘Touchnote’ another printing service, but one that’s designed to send personalised cards and postcards made from your photos. You buy credits. One credit gets you a postcard and includes worldwide postage and the quality and speed are top notch. Their app, like many other printing services I’ve used, has a built in tool that tells you if the image you’re using is too small. 

If an image is too small/low resolution then the print will be blurry and pixelated. Many online printing places just don’t allow you to use images that are too small because it compromises the quality of what they’re producing. 

As a general rule I only post very small images, this is to prevent copyright theft. A small image stolen from my website or wherever will look ok on a screen, but if the thief tries to print it, it will look terrible. Occasionally I forget, this is true of some of my earlier artwork uploaded before resizing became second nature (and easier due to having found a great app to do it with.)

I was doubtful that my Instagram feed would have images big enough, but the magnets looked pretty small so I figured that the cards would be too, and so I had a go. Assuming, (tut tut) that the site would tell me if an image was too small.

It accepted all the images I tried! (Yeah, I know, this should have warned me…) so I chose some favourites and paid with Paypal, making the whole process really quick and easy. I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived today! Yay!

You know what’s coming next I bet…

Packaging cards from sticky 9

Firstly the cards were bigger than I expected. No big deal, just not quite as cute as I imagined. The quality is fine, much better than the likes of Vistaprint or BonusPrint, but not quite as lush as Moo. 

Polaroid style sticky 9 packaging

Alas though, some of the cards are unusable due to the image having been too small. They are blurred and pixilated. I’ll play with them, adding other media on top, but it’s such a shame! 

Greeting cards

Card by sandra lock

Would I use them again? Yes, I think so. The prices are reasonable and so long as I make sure I use images from my photo albums that I’ve checked are big enough, all should be fine. 

Blurred image card example

With the addition of an image size checking doodad Sticky 9 will be a great site for releasing your online photos into the world.Sticky 9 card review

…and if you click the image above, you’ll go to the Sticky9 site. Use this code: FRIEND11E91 and you’ll get a 15% discount.




  1. Hmmm, very interesting and thank you for writing this. I hope you sent them a message about this “bug” too.

    I’d very much like to print my IG photos in a book since I’m doing my one photo a day thing and it would be a great reminder of the year that has passed. But the books are a bit expensive 🙁 Have you seen photo books for a reasonable price somewhere? I’m thinking square format with 4 photos per page.


    • Your wish is my command! 🙂
      I added a bunch of possibilities to my ‘Gift Ideas’ pin board. The cheapest seems to be $6 on a kind of subscription basis, it prints a book each time you’ve posted 60 IG photos. You can choose what to leave out, and they also have a custom book option. I couldn’t find out what the postage was or where they post to…though I’m pretty sure it was everywhere coz I didn’t include any place that didn’t. (I *think*! You know how messed up my memory is at the moment) heh now I need to remember what company it was! It’s got an app…tsk. I’ll have to come back when I’ve found it.)
      Yeah, I need to email them with my suggestion, thanks for reminding me 🙂 and commenting. xox

    • It was ‘Chatbooks’…but I just read about their solution to international shipping ( ) and it’ll end up way too expensive 🙁 Seems that most places are in the U.S. and once you add shipping (and possibly import duties) it just gets way too expensive… I’ll go back and see what UK ones there were, coz I could always post it on to you? Let me know what you think of the places I found. Is it worth a blog post?

      • Oh thank you so much my dear friend! I checked the links you sent me and almost made an order. I knew about Blurb but Past book sort of seemed cheaper (no idea why though). They only have landscape format and you can’t really choose exactly what will print, only by year or hastag. I started with my project in February 2014 so all I can do now is print 2014. So not a full 365 day book. But I guess this really isn’t a problem if I’ll continue with this 😉 I wish they had square format books too but the way they print the photos is actually pretty good for adding some notes later. I guess I missed my opportunity for a discount as it was set for an hour and a half I think 🙁 Are they really from Europe? Because I thought they were from US so I immediately thought about additional taxes and I opted out. Damn! 🙂

        • Not sure…check the about page? Google for reviews?
          If you sign up for email updates and you don’t buy anything they may send you a discount code. Also, if you actually got far enough in the ordering process for them to have your email addy and know you almost made an order, you may get a code shortly. Lots of places will do that if you get as far as the checkout but don’t buy 😉
          I’ll have another browse soon when (hopefully) my brain is less fuzzy.

          • Oh and googling the name of somewhere along with the words ‘code’ or ‘voucher’ can often be pretty fruitful 🙂 I just snagged a 15% code that way!

          • mmmm, great points here…. will do that for sure! especially google for codes 😉

          • So glad 🙂
            Oh yes, always Google for codes!

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