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Apologies to folks waiting for replies etc. things are a bit grim. Spoke to GP on tuesday and am having blood taken today. Doubt it will help but seeing as I thought my rotting gallbladder was the fibro version of indigestion I was persuaded that talking to the doctor was a good idea.

These August break pics are queued – mostly they are old images. During rare moments of clarity and when not napping i’m finding it quite interesting going back through my bloated camera roll and fitting artwork to the break titles.

The Atos form arrived on friday which i know wont be helping my health. Firstly dwelling on what you can no longer do and how bad things are isnt exactly conjusive to a positive outlook. Also, I’m so brain fogged at the moment i havent been able to start filling it in yet. They give you four weeks to complete it but they start pressuring you after two…

Atos cancer

See, they do have a heart…of sorts.

Here’s how it starts.

You get a letter telling you that you’re getting a phone call. (Brown envelop panic attack.)

About two weeks later you get the phone call, to ‘check your identity.’ They inform you that you’ll receive the form in two to three weeks and that if you don’t complete it within four weeks your financial help will stop. 

About two weeks later you receive the twenty page form and various other bits of stress inducing paper. This arrives in a WHITE envelop. Yes thats right UK spoonies – now they want us scared of all mail, not just brown envelopes… You are given a date by which they must receive the completed form.

Apparently, two weeks after this you get a ‘we haven’t received your form, where is it? Your benefit will stop if we don’t get it back soon.’


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