Selling your Art online

This is by no means a comprehensive round up – I just did it quickly for a friend who works with wood and is about to open an Etsy shop. Needless to say, I have a tendency to just collect information, skim read it and file it. In the hopes that one day I’ll have the energy to use all this good advice.
There is an overwhelming amount of information on t’internet about marketing and the ‘right’ things to do. Some of it contradictory…I’ll try and add more links to the things I’ve found that seem genuinely useful rather than just selling something or whatever. There are some links here already, from my old posterous blog – just go to the menu above and click the link ‘marketing your art’.
Sorry the links below aren’t clickable. Doing that would make this post use up all my spoons for the day – if you copy and paste them all into a Word document or similar they should become clickable…
  • Places to sell
  • Tip top Etsy articles/help
  • Advice/resources
  • Social media tools and blogging advice
  • Misc…
Art materials advice –
How to ship safely –
Creating printables –
Information overload catoon

Information overload…

***A few of the Etsy links came via Stephanie Levy – if you get the chance to sign up for one of her courses, don’t hesitate. She’s lovely, conscientious and thorough.


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