inspiration: Soo Sunny Park’s ‘Unwoven Light’

I came across a video on Vimeo of an art installation by Soo Sunny Park called ‘Unwoven light.’ It reminded me of a few things, most notably just how inspiring great art is and how much I miss being able to get to art galleries like I used to. 

And also about the power of light. 

Here are some screen shots from this video (also embedded below.) A link to the gallery’s webpage about the installation and a link to Soo Sunny Park’s website. Enjoy.



Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light from Walley Films on Vimeo.

Soo Sunny Park’s installation Unwoven Light animates Rice Gallery’s expansive space, transforming it into a shimmering world of light, shadow, and brilliant color. Suspended from the walls and ceiling, thirty-seven individually sculpted units are arranged as a graceful, twisting flow of abstract form. On view April 11 – August 30, 2013. Original score by Mark Walley. Learn more about the exhibition at Learn more about the filmmakers at


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