…still alive. Also, today is Fibro awareness day.

So…yeah…life eh? I’ll write more about why I’ve been gone for so long another time, for now there are more pressing matters to discuss, because it’s…

may 12th blog bomb hashtag

Fibro awareness day! Well, to be precise it’s more like invisible illness awareness day. Previously I’ve given away some free downloads: click here for the stickers, and here for the pdf’s and here for my story.

This year one of my precious chums, Sandy, sent me a link to a site that showcases artists who have invisible illnesses. They curate an online exhibition each year that goes live on awareness day and…my work was accepted 🙂 I’m particularly grateful to them for their patience, because my submission was less than timely/perfect due to how ill I’ve been this year.

I had to choose 3 pieces of artwork and there’s an interview too. Please pop over to have a look at all the amazing work produced by brave souls who are battling a chronic illness…and we’d be EVER so grateful if you could share the site too. Thanks oodles.

One of the images is a self portrait that helps to illustrate one side of an invisible illness, this other selfie is another side completely:

self portrait sandra lock


…being chronically ill means that your life changes. For some of us it’s a huge change, a complete end to how and where your life was lived and headed. I feel like I’ve slowly lost who I was and as the sleep deprivation etc slowly wears away at my brain function and energy and mobility I have no idea where I should be trying to get to…or how to put a positive spin on it.

Fatigue is a mood killer. It’s the nemesis of those of us who suffer from depression…

into the fire pain image


…and even though I KNOW that, when I’m bowed down by fatigue and all my worries and fears bombard me it’s still easy to forget how important rest and pacing are. To remember that things will get brighter. To keep in mind all the things that I have to be grateful for.

self portrait sandra lock 'dreaming'

One of the things that they attempt to drum into you on a pain management course is the importance of pacing. The Three P’s: Pacing, Pacing, Pacing! Yet if you’ve had a run of cancelled appointments and days spent unable to get out of bed and that miracle occurs; a day when you feel you’ll be able to perhaps…

wash your hair or

have a bath or

have a friend take you out for a drive

…then no matter how much your brain tries to remind you to pace yourself, your heart wants to make the most of the miracle. So you try to do more than one thing, and then payback is a complete and utter b*tch.

self care is not a luxury


I wish…well, I right now I’m wishing many things and most of them, frankly, aren’t related to writing about fibro! So my apologies for a somewhat lacklustre post, revisiting work rather than presenting something new. In a way though that’s a perfect illustration of a life lived with a chronic illness: you can only do your best.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to pay a visit to the M.E. Again artist showcase.

May your muse be with you,

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  1. wow, Sand! I just checked out your M.E. Again artist showcase page – AWESOME stuff. so proud of you, bella! 🙂

    great post too. sending healing + creative vibes to you! xo sandy p

    • Awww thanks so much Sandy! Thanks for letting me know about it too 🙂 Masses of positive loving vibes flying your way xox

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