Taste 2 #AugustBreak2013

Taste…this sums up my relationship with chocolate,

20130817-162009.jpgIt was created some time ago for the App it! Challenge at iPhoneArt.com based upon an iPhone photograph of mannequins taken by the winner of the previous months challenge. Alas due to my faulty brain I can’t recall who that was 🙁 and sadly I’ve just not been well enough to be an active member there any more…or anywhere else for that matter. Most things are neglected these days…so much so that I think I’ll finally just quit apologising.

Blood tests last week to see what else is wrong with me. My blood count is low and my iron is very low and unsurprisingly my hormones aren’t ok either. (Oh menopause how I hate thee.) The result is more tablets and a change of SSRI – so things are going to be even worse for a bit. Oh yay! 😉

Somebody remind me why this is all worth it?



    • Thanks oodles 🙂 me too 😉 explains why I’m as pale as a ghost!

      Sorry not been to your blog for while…what clarity of thought I have is being channelled into the wretched form, feels like I’ll never finish it as I’m not managing much each day. Meh!
      Ok moan over…

      Hope you’re having a good week? Or as good as possible anyway. X

  1. “Somebody remind me why this is all worth it?”

    This is all worth it because we love life even if we can’t participate in it in the way we want to and the last crumbs on the Flake wrapper are just as precious than the first big bites. Or something like that 🙂

    Hopefully you feel better once you get your iron levels up. Have you had your B12 status checked? That needs to be done too otherwise the iron supplements may not be absorbed properly.

    Well done with the #AugustBreak2013 challenge. I’ve only done one drawing (so far) this month and I’ve mislaid it!

  2. Doh! I posted the previous comment from an old blog account that I was perusing for material to recycle. Apologies for any confusion. marigold.x.

    • No worries lovely – somehow I knew it was you! 🙂
      Yeah, nice analogy about flake crumbs 😉 you’re right of course, I’m just in an anxiety mode – too much reality combined with a body that seems to be slowly sinking into crisis.
      Thank you.
      Apparently my vit B levels are fine, although I take a supplement of that regularly anyway due to having never really absorbed enough from my food alone ever (even before I got sick). Just need to hang on in there until the iron kicks in and I’ve got the SSRI change over and dosage sorted.
      I know most of my anxiety state is due to this horrid ESA form, but I’m so sleep deprived at the moment that filling it in is like trying to swim through treacle. Plus of course there’s other icky ‘reality’ stuff going on – isn’t there always? Reality sucks!

      I’ve got the August Break stuff all scheduled! It’s been oddly therapeutic going through my art folders choosing images to fit the prompts…sorry you lost your drawing 🙁

      Thanks for email – today is sliding out of control, but I promise to reply soon. Appreciate your support, a lot. (((Hugs)))

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