This is sand…

Darn forgot I had this queued despite not having finished it! So sorry 🙁
Will finish as soon as I’m able. See next post for explanation.
*shakes fist at EE*
Some more information about the app and website, for Joni. Here’s what you see as the app loads;20140625-010306-3786578.jpg

…and your options.


This is sand app screen shot20140625-010509-3909892.jpg

If you tap the Instagram option, on an iPhone, (there’s also an android app and a desktop version) Safari opens and you see this


Make sure you go back to the capture piece option via the menu on the upper left of the workspace, otherwise you basically give up all your rights to your creation if you share it via their social network.

Tap start and you see this:

This is sand start image info

I paid the upgrade but the image captured is only 640 by 1136px which is partly why I then play with the image in something like Waterlogue to increase resolution. A lot of apps still only offer small images unfortunately. I’ve also not managed to get the app to work in landscape mode. I’m using an iPhone5. 

This is sand workspace

3 lines are the menu, circle is how to alter the colour.


This is sand colour options screen

Choose your colours. I haven’t upgraded yet.


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