Today is #fibro awareness day 33/52

Fragile… week 33.

Mobile digital art - Fragile
Damaged and delicate
Flimsy and frail
Hating my hormones for making me wail.
Easily broken
Slow to repair
Hunting for something I fear isn’t there
Looking for hope in what remains of each day
But too brittle and battered to find the right way.

What am I aware of today? That Fibromyalgia sucks big time stylee.

What should you, dear Reader, be aware of? (Besides it sucking.) These stickers/printables give the short definition. The longer explanation…well, that’s a toughy. You really do need to live with a chronic illness to fully understand it, so I suppose in an ideal world nobody would understand. But to be aware of? Maybe this list of links is a start;

She also just posted her first blog post in about 18 months. It’s well worth a read.

Medication side effects

Yeah, the meds make me fat.

Some of the links on my Fibro Bites site need updating, I wanted to have that done by today, but alas haven’t managed to do so. So apologies for any faulty links.



  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art… It really speaks to me, and so does the poem. I’m thinking of you. I don’t have a lot of words today, but I’m here sending a thought or two – and looking at that beautiful piece of art… x

    • Oh, you’re so LOVELY! Thank you. Lots and lots (((hugs))) X

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