After Splash: my contribution to Project 2,014.

You may recall me writing about Project 2,014’s call for artists and the fact that I would be contributing on February 15th. On that day apart from the usual flood and weather items dominating the headlines there was also the sad news that a football legend had died, Sir Tom Finney long time Preston North End player and all round footballing hero died aged 91

I live in Liverpool so it seemed somehow fitting that I choose an item about football. I did some research about Sir Tom and at some point ended up on his wikipedia page where there was a photograph of the statue outside, the then, National Football museum in Preston. It’s called ‘Splash’.

“Finney was the subject of one of the most famous football pictures in history, called “The Splash”, which showed him beating two defenders in sodden conditions at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground in 1956. The image was also made into a statue, which stands outside Deepdale in Preston, the ground with which he became so closely identified.” Taken from the Guardian news article linked to above, the photo referred to is also included.

Splash statue

Photograph by Nic McPhee, click for further info.

The main thing about the media project is that the artwork must be created and then uploaded to the site all in the one day. I usuallly like to work on an image and then leave it be for a while and come back to it with a fresh eye, the nature of this project meant that was a luxury I didnt have. Here’s what I sent and is on the site. (Which is getting an overhaul next month.)

after the splash

After Splash

Click the image to visit the Project 2,014 website. 

The edits were done with mostly one app, Repix. 

The following day I noticed a glaring mistake…and started playing again.

After the splash edit 2


After Splash v3


if you’re curious about my workflow, I started by softly getting rid of the background elements in the shot, ending up with this,No background splash

…having a vague idea to make a photo collage including football symbols and other images. After getting this far I then started over and just played…and because i let go of the need to produce an end result i ended up with something i was happy with.

There’s a lesson in that somewhere…





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