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Thank you logoA wee while ago I did the most unusual small bit of vote begging. Unusual because I stopped entering/submitting artwork a while ago and I usually always steered away from the popularity style contests anyway. So, I posted a request for votes for a couple of desgins I’d submitted to an original art tee-shirt competition. As well as cash prizes there were features being done on the site of the top three winners and the offer of a premium shop. Quite a few lovely folk said they’d tried to vote, but that the sitewasn’t  working properly and they’d had no success. So, I chalked it up to experience, didn’t bother to mail a vote begging email to friends and told myself that I should have stuck to my ‘no more submissions’ rule. 

Well, um, I came third!

Yeah, I know, a shock isn’t it?

So massive thanks to the lovely readers that helped me win a prize. You not only tried to vote via tablets and smartphones but you went that bit further and tried again on your desktops. I am very grateful indeed. I’ve never won anything before, and seeing how my health has deteriorated so much lately this seems to have even more meaning.

Thanks lovely readers, Twitter chums and my Nourish Creativity group sweeties – you rock big time stylee.  

Floral mashup tee shirt

Flora Mashup – the third most popular deisgn.

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  1. Joni Giarratano

    Congratulations! I hope the prize was worth the effort ! …. Joni G.

    • So sorry for the delay Joni! 🙁 Thank you – it was worth it, $150 was most welcome and there are other things that I’ll write about when the OArtTee site goes live 🙂 xxx

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