Web apps and twitter tools #marketing

A couple of interesting articles about using Twitter, this one is for people new to Twitter and still finding their way around;

‘The 12 most confusing things about tweet, retweets, replies and direct messages.’

And another Tweetsmarter blog post about finding and engaging influential Twitter users.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a specific kind of Twitter app the first place to look is ‘OneForty’ here’s a link to a list of apps that will schedule Tweets for you, to save your followers having their timeline swamped by your tweets. My favourite scheduling apps are Hootsuite which lets you schedule updates for your Facebook profile page and any group pages etc that you administrate at the same time as Twitter
…and Buffer which has browser add ons that make adding Tweets to your ‘tweet buffer’ really easy, you can also email links to your buffer. They tweet at four times during the day – approximately 9am, noon, 5pm and just before 8pm. These are apparently the best times to get retweeted. (I haven’t done any stats yet so I can’t say whether it has increased my reach/retweets yet.)

Whilst I’m on the subject of useful web apps – the BEST sharing tool I’ve ever used is ‘Shareaholic’ I have add ons for this with Firefox and Chrome and you can share to almost any place on the web with it. It also means that I can email links from Chrome, something that I miss when I’m not using Firefox.

*Apologies for any spelling mistakes etc Fibro fog is bad today.

Also I know that this blog hasn’t really started yet, but I am aiming from now on to do a post once a week with useful apps/sites. Or that’s the plan if Fibro body will allow 😉


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