Week 17/52 – Mobile photography challenge

The Unexpected - mobile digital art

The Unexpected – week 17

Well…I’ve reached week 17. It’s another from the fruits of my foggy day drive – three apps used;

NIR color


Lens light

Mobile digital art

‘She Dances’ – being thankful

As well as being grateful for managing to create at least one image a week for 17 weeks, 

no small achievement considering how bad fibro’s been, and I’ve also had a stomach virus. Oh woe is me 😉 

there have also been some other unexpected rays of light for which I am very thankful.

Snow came to Liverpool last week and the day after the first snow fall there was a knock at the front door. Our next door neighbour was checking in to see if we needed any shopping AND another neighbour had cleared our path and steps and gritted it all. Awesome eh?

The fact that the neighbour who cleared the snow is in his 70’s is a twist of fate of which my 40 something self is well aware…but although the pain etc sometimes seems unsurmountable, there are still things to be grateful for, and I wanted to make sure I took a moment to remind myself of that.

I do hope that each person who reads this can think of at least one thing to be grateful for in their day.

Lastly – because a kind blog reader suggested that I share the LetterMpress post there, I took a long overdue visit to the MobiTog forum and whilst there discovered a new app. (Yes, I’m an app addict.) So I’ve been putting some of my artwork through it and rather loving the effects.

The app is called ‘etchings’ and has a range of effects and customisation options.

Mobile digital art

The Space between

Drawn with ‘Inkpad’ and then apped with ‘Etchings’

Stay safe and warm Northern Hemisphere peeps, and may your Muse be with you – wherever you are.




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