Week 29 – watching him play…

Mobile digital art

Watching him play…

App recipe

  • Repix
  • Photoshop express
  • Camera+
  • Pixlr express+

That hand fascinates me…

Childs hand

(PS express, Big photo, Tangled FX, Glaze.)

Here is it with Tangled FX and a crop.


Not much other news…hormonal shifts are taking their toll and I’ve been unable to do much at all. This means I’ve been feeling rather fragile and my mental processes are in a dreadful state, which is freaking me out somewhat. I was unable to tune my aunt’s TV the other day and couldn’t recall how to use any of the apps that my little cousin wanted to play with. These may sound like small inconsequential things – but when they are part of the fabric of you and they slip away it’s very unsettling. This illness has stolen rather a lot of me already, I don’t want to lose any more. Hopefully it’s just menopausal fallout…


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