Which one…

…shall I use for my Christmas postcards?

(Yes the dark one is last year’s design.)
I’ve uploaded big enough versions of these so that if you want to you can use either of them as wallpaper.
Last year I got my cards printed at Moo* but their cards are such good quality it cost me a fortune in postage for the none UK ones. So this year I’m using one of my favourite apps for the international cards, Touchnote. Yes I know I’m a bit late, but better late than never eh?

*If you want to use Moo, use this link to get 10% discount: Click for discount.
(Doing this from the WordPress iPhone app so I hope the images look ok…)



  1. Whoa, now that’s a nice service! I wish I knew about it before I ordered my cards from MOO 🙂

    Personally, I love the second design but with the writings from the first one.

    • Thanks lots for the input Nini 🙂

      The app is great, it can access your contacts as well as your photos and as they print postcards in a number of countries, although I’ve missed the last post dates if I were posting from here, some I send should still arrive before Christmas. If you buy a big bundle of credits it also works out a bit cheaper.
      Postcards can have your Facebook avatar as the stamp too…
      The quality seems consistently high as well, I’ve sent quite a few cards over the past year.

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