Wooden clutch pencil and sharpener

Stationary AND wood. *swoon*

I love trees.

I love things made from wood. (Yes, i check the source first and even better if it’s reclaimed wood or driftwood, it’s all wonderful.)

The clutch pencil on the left is made from Ash and is a thing of beauty, as well as being useful. (It’s photographed on our sideboard, which is solid oak.) Have a peek at these examples of German workmanship here. WARNING – don’t click if you share my weakness for stationary…

I got to wondering about what else folks make from wood and although I can’t browse in the real world any more, the interwebs mean that’s not the same problem as it once was. So I had a surf around Etsy and made a treasury. The are LOTS of ideas to inspire you if you work with wood or are thinking about doing so.



There are some other good places to look for art made from wood, I didn’t spend long with Google but here’s what I found;

Online wooden art directory

Collectors of wood

(Just click the screen shots to visit.)

Fine wood artists website

Fine wood artists


Sculpture website

The Sculpture Website

There are also a number of communities for artists working with wood, check out these few;




And then…check out this artists wonderful kinetic work, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Isn’t the internet awesome?

Wood that works.

David C Roy



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