XYDO brief – news tailored to your needs

I find it hard to keep up with all the information ‘out there’ 

I have lists and groups and circles…but I miss out on a lot because I can only manage a limited amount of time online. 

I think I discovered XYDO via @armand5 (thanks Greg 🙂 and I’ve found it really helpful.
Here’s what they’re trying to do in their own words;

“We’ve built XYDO Brief as a simple, elegant service for getting news you’re going to like via email.  We scour the web and your social networks to find the best, human-curated headlines and deliver them to your inbox, on your schedule.

XYDO Brief is able to deliver news you’re going to like because we process more sources (over 100K) and prioritize each piece of content based on the recommendations of our over 2M contributors and curators, including experts and people you may follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, or LinkedIn.”

For an invite to join, click this link;



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